Locations throughout Southwestern Manitoba to Better Serve You

Treherne Office:


175 Broadway Street

Box 450
Treherne, MB R0G 2V0
(Phone) 204-723-2777
(Fax) 204-723-2416

Carman Office:


14 Main Street South

Box 1670
Carman, MB R0G 0J0
(Phone) 204-745-2546
(Fax) 204-745-3963

Manitou Office:


351 Main Street
Box 279
Manitou, MB R0G 1G0
(Phone) 204-242-2801
(Fax) 204-242-2723

Morden office


309 Stephen Street
Morden, MB R6M 1V1
(Phone) 204-822-6588
(Fax) 204 -822-1009

Notre Dame De Lourdes Location

Notre Dame de Lourdes:

Tuesday morning appointments available with Chris Bowler

177 Notre Dame Avenue West
Notre Dame de
Lourdes, MB
R0G 1M0
(Phone) 204-723-2777

St. Claude Location

St. Claude:

Thursday morning appointments available with Chris Bowler

Old Clinic Building
149 Cypress Avenue

St. Claude, MB
R0G 1Z0
(Phone) 204-723-2777

Somerset Location


Wednesday morning appointments available with Nichole Hiebert

307 3rd Street
Somerset, MB
R0G 2L0
(Phone) 204-744-2266

Pilot Mound Location

Pilot Mound:

Tuesday morning appointments available with Andrew Hnatiuk

Fraser Place Building
152 Broadway Avenue West
Pilot Mound, MB
R0G 1P0
(Phone) 204-825-2104

Miami Location


Wednesday afternoon appointments available with Nichole Hiebert

R.M. of Thompson Building
530 Norton Avenue
Miami, MB
R0G 1H0
(Phone) 204-242-2801

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